Since the pandemic, companies have undergone profound changes in the way they relate to customers, thus looking for alternative channels that had never been considered before. In this way, in recent times, we have seen companies looking for new ways of selling and communicating to complement the traditional channel of physical sales in stores.

In this context, WhatsApp Business takes on special importance, as it is a more personal communication tool than social networks, in which it is necessary to pay extra attention to the way of communicating. If on social networks, most of the times, potential customers are not even known, here there has already been a previous contact, as it is the customer’s contact number that will then allow all communication, via WhatsApp Business.

The communication carried out has to be extremely careful, since if it is not relevant, the customer immediately proceeds to block it, which in social networks, would only pass for an ignored message.


What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business came to replace calls made with the personal numbers of entrepreneurs and customers. Added new features, so that this communication became more professional, with organization, automation and acceleration of processes.


How does WhatsApp Business work?

The WhatsApp Business account must have a different number than the personal WhatsApp account, but both can be installed on the smartphone. This number will be used to confirm and verify the account.

Create a business profile

To create a business profile, you will need to access Menu > Settings > Business Settings > Profile. Care should be taken when placing the company name, since if there is an error, it will not be possible to edit it later. You have the possibility to add a description of the company, services, hours, contacts, website, etc.

The messages

This is probably the most useful feature for businesses. It is possible to use message templates and autoresponders for the most frequently asked questions by customers, such as welcome messages and warnings.

The statistics

Statistics are fundamental data for the marketing of any company. Knowing who received, who read, how many messages were sent is extremely important information so that the strategy can be adjusted whenever necessary. They are also an indicator of customer interest and loyalty.

The labels

In the business version of WhatsApp it is possible to segment customers using tags. This way it is possible to categorize conversations and separate, for example, new customers from existing customers. They are fully customizable and can be accessed through Menu > New Tags.

Account migration

There are companies that use personal profiles to contact customers. If you want to migrate to the business version of WhatsApp and are afraid of losing your previous conversations and contacts, you can rest assured. When migrating to WhatsApp Business, all contacts and conversations are also migrated.


What are the advantages of WhatsApp Business?

Sell more

According to data from Facebook for Business, 61% of people prefer personalized communication with companies, and 1 in 2 companies tend to buy from companies with personalized communication.

Build a stronger relationship with the customer

If a customer provides his number to a company, he is already indicating that he is willing to enter into a partnership relationship with the company. Likewise, messages are always delivered to a target audience.

In this way individual strategies can be created for each client.

Reduced costs

The application has a reduced cost, or rather, it has no cost. The only cost you will have will be the cost of the internet. The application is free as is the sending of messages.

Safe conversations

One of the best parts is that all messages sent are encrypted and secure, which makes communication between companies and customers completely confidential.

Assertive strategies

Through statistical data, it is possible to have a more real knowledge, thus realizing if the communication strategy with customers is working or not. The number of open, read or unread messages and replied to are key data to know if the message sent is the correct one. On the other hand, it is easier to ask customers for feedback on products and services.


The WhatsApp Business is an essential tool for business communication and Brandup is at your disposal to create a communication plan through WhatsApp Business. Talk with us!