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What is GA4, how to access, configure and use the latest version of Google Analytics

GA4 is the new Google Analytics tool standard and is here to stay, in fact the end date of Google Analytics Universal has already been announced, which will be in July 2023, it will cease to exist and its change to GA4 will be mandatory for all properties .


What is Google Analytics 4?

This new version is more suited to the times we live in and gains new features, such as the way of collecting data and reports, focusing on the privacy of user data and putting an end to cookies.

GA4 invests in technologies to meticulously improve reports and forecasts on user behavior, allowing companies a cross-platform analysis that helps unite the steps of their users in interacting with their website, applications and versatility in mediating different types of data on three fronts: app, web and App + Web.


How to access GA4?

First of all, you should know if you created your property before October 14, 2020, because if you use Universal Analytics you must transfer it to GA4, if you created it after that date, surely you must already be using GA4 and not need to perform this action.

Don’t forget that you must create a Firebase account when installing GA4.

Unlike GA Universal, in this one you must configure and document everything so as not to lose data. In it you will have the events that are configured by default in the tool and you must configure them according to the interests that your business needs.


How to configure the GA4?

To transfer your ownership from UA to GA4 you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to analytics.google.com and log in to your Google Analytics account;
  2. In the menu, go to Administered and access the Property section;
  3. Click on “GA4 Setup Wizard″;
  4. In the Configuration Wizard, click on “Create a new Google Analytics 4 property” (this allows you to associate the new GA4 property with the UA property, both of which will continue to collect data until the UA is discontinued);
  5. Then go to your GA4 property and follow the settings suggested by the wizard, such as installing the tag to collect data, linking the property to Google Ads and defining audiences for your marketing campaigns. It is important to re-link these tools after configuring GA4 to ensure the correct flow of data.


Companies that use the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) optimization feature should start using another type of optimization, such as responsive pages, as GA4 does not support them due to disuse.

GA4 will impact our daily lives, as it brings many changes and improvements, but it will also require effort, adaptation and some learning on the part of professionals so that they can take advantage of its full potential. The ideal would be to invest in training for employees for a better adaptation and consequently a good return.




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