Online sales and payments are increasingly an option for companies. These seek to market their products through effective and secure means of payment. We now present some of the most common online payment methods these days.

MB Way

MB Way is a modern online payment solution that allows any user to instantly pay for their purchases.

It allows for a simple, convenient, fast and secure shopping experience, which can contribute to customer loyalty and, consequently, increase your sales.

The growth in the use of digital media to make purchases has opened doors to this tool. About 1 million Portuguese people use this online payment method, thus leading numerous companies to apply it in their online store.

The speed and ease intrinsic to this solution also allow us to reduce abandoned cart rates



PayPal is one of the most used payment methods in the world. It is currently available in 190 countries and has become an extremely important tool for any online store, especially for those looking to internationalize.

This means of payment is distinguished by the great security and trust it conveys to the user. Companies, in turn, use it more and more because it has a large user base and mainly because it accepts 23 different currencies, which contributes to the implementation of international online stores.



Stripe is a platform that provides an easy way to pay online and in mobile applications. It provides powerful and flexible tools for e-commerce. Using Stripe allows innovative technology companies to scale faster and more effectively.

On this platform, payment can be made through credit card or bitcoins. In 2015, tests began on instant debit card transfers, and it is currently available in 25 countries.



IfThenPay is a payment institution authorized and supervised by Banco de Portugal. Through it, companies, online stores, schools, clubs, associations and municipalities can issue Multibanco References in their documents or websites, which can be paid at ATMs, Home-Banking, MB SPOT, such as by cell phones or at automatic payment terminals .

IfThenPay presents easy and simplicity of payment, protection of user data, being considered a secure means of payment. It does not incur costs for the user, and for the seller they are the same, regardless of the payment channel used.



euPago is a Portuguese online payment institution, which, like IfThenPay, is accredited and supervised by Banco de Portugal. It specializes in supporting online payments using recent encryption technologies so that customer data transmissions are confidential.

It’s an easy-to-use tool: the merchant issues a referral, the customer pays, and euPago notifies and transfers the funds to the merchant’s account.


Brandup is at your disposal to implement any of these payment methods in your online store. Talk with us!