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TIKTOK: The social network of the moment

It’s time for Facebook, it’s time for Instagram, and if we go a long way back, it’s time for the Nokia 3310. Now, it’s time for TikTok. To say that it is the social network of the moment is true in several ways: it is “of the moment”, because it is a platform that consists of short videos, from 15 to 60 seconds; then, it’s from the moment, due to the great explosion that this app has had, in recent months, in which much of the world has gone through a period of confinement.
The app thus presents the format of a social network of clips, where it is possible, as in other social networks, to comment and share the publications, in addition to ‘like’ and follow the profiles of other users. In some situations, Tiktok videos are also published on the user’s Instagram, as there is integration between the platforms.
In Portugal, there was a growth of 36%, totaling 1.8 million users in our country, according to data from Azerion Portugal, the company responsible for managing TikTok advertising in the national market.

In demographic terms, 65% of people using Tiktok are women and 73% of all users are between 14 and 24 years old.
Thus, the social network is present in 155 countries, where it accounts for 1.7 billion users, also with a majority of women (56%) and with a usage time slightly higher than ours: 66 minutes and 13 openings of the app per day.

Marketing Strategy on Tiktok

The contents must be designed from scratch for this network and must be short, fun, fast and immediate, adapting to the essence of the platform.
Some brands, such as Disney, Gilette, McDonald’s or Samsung have already started to invest in advertising aimed at this social network, taking full advantage of this boom and the originality and immediacy of the content.
Tiktok already has metrics for ‘likes’, shares and reactions, but it is increasingly focusing on metrics for ads, so it will also be, in this context, a bet for the future.
As has certainly happened to all of us, before creating a profile on a social network, we go through the denial phase, saying that we don’t need that and that we will never install the app, then we end up accepting it and enter, we are interested and dazzled. .


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