How are Brandup landing pages?

We create/promote landing pages through social networks and paid ads on Google. Think of this page as a place where customers “land” as soon as they click on the Google Ads link.

Increase in conversion

The act of using a landing page to drive campaign traffic results in an average conversion rate increase of 25%. Which highlights the fact of following this practice, as it is simple and intelligent.

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Facility to measure results

With only one possible action on the page, a single CTA (Call to action), its interpretation becomes much easier and more practical.

With a dedicated and independent landing page, you won’t need to be worried, as it will be up and running and performing the intended performance.

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Decrease customer acquisition cost

Getting customer information is complicated and requires enormous effort and dedication.

Through the Landing Page, it is possible to have access to all the relevant information of a lead.

In this way, costs are considerably lower compared to the common offline customer acquisition strategy.

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Increase in followers on social media

Using a landing page to direct users to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social network is also not a bad idea.

Social networks are very important for those looking to sell products and services on the internet and the more recognition the more business opportunities will appear.

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