How is Brandup PPC?

PPC is paid advertising on search engines, ads that are displayed on top of or alongside organic search.
Brandup will always create ads with the intention of capturing the attention of those who view them, always doing something flashy, revealing and desirable.

Generate costs only when someone clicks ad

The name says it all, Pay-per-click, in Portuguese (pay per click) that is, you only pay when someone clicks on the ad.
This method is perfect for reducing wastage when it comes to your marketing budget, which can be good for small businesses that have just started.

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PPC generates immediate results

One of the main advantages of PPC advertising is immediate results and helping to achieve goals faster.
You can advertise to thousands of people at once, and with a flashy and desirable ad, you will possibly have more users clicking on it.

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PPC advertising will help you with SEO

Information from PPC advertising can help with your SEO strategy. It will help you identify the most beneficial keywords for your business.
The value will be determined by the keywords that will be driving the most conversions for your business.

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Will help with offline sales

If you have a physical store, most likely some of the customers, if not most, will enter after having seen one of the advertisements, although the procedure began online, it is very likely that this trend will increase, since nowadays users are looking for solutions in search engines for any kind of problem.

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