How is Brandup email/sms marketing?

Your customers are increasingly interested in receiving communications from your brand via SMS. Combining email with SMS, Brandup offers Email and SMS Marketing solutions, which aim to offer its customers what they are looking for.

Based on user permissions

Whether your customers fill out an online sign-up form for a weekly email newsletter or check a box to receive SMS notifications, you are giving your consent for you to communicate with them on these platforms.

Instead of targeting your audience with ads they don’t want to see, an email marketing and SMS approach offers a tailored solution for engaging with the right audience. Those who choose to participate are truly interested in what your brand offers.

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Data shared between lists

As you grow your email marketing strategy, you have the opportunity to test and learn what kind of content works for conversion. Over time, you can gain insights into subscriber behaviors and interests to increase email and SMS success.

With this, you can easily choose to combine sending emails with sending SMS and ensure that your customer will be interested in your products.

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Reach more customers

Not all your customers may be interested in receiving emails with news and promotions, but they may even want to receive an SMS with this information. Likewise, they may not want to hear their cell phone ring with content from your brand, but they would like to have the news in the email.

Therefore, using these two methods, it is possible to segment users in order to receive their communications in the way they like best.

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SMS for quick replies

Being a means of communication with a much faster response than email, it is ideal for promoting some “flash sales”. Combining the two strategies in this way will certainly be better than just using email in these cases.

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