How is Brandup video?

We idealize, plan, record and set up.

We are able to create stories with emotional value in order to move the public and make your brand stand out from the rest in the market.

Videos improve your SEO

Have you ever noticed that when you do a search on any search engine sometimes the first results are videos? SEO nowadays is not only valid for websites it is also very important in videos.

By using a video, you increase your chances of appearing in the first places when users search for something related to your brand.

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Videos are the customer's favorite format

The videos are, without a doubt, the fever of the moment, and they promise to stay. In today’s fast-paced world, video is undoubtedly the solution that captures the public’s attention the most.

Users admit that they prefer watching a video to reading a text, and are able to spend hours on the internet watching videos of interest.

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Investing in videos is not expensive

It’s common to associate video marketing with big expenses, but no.

With all the technology that we currently have available, it is possible to do everything from home, anyone can make a video, however, in most cases it ends up in a video with a poor result that may even have been cheap or no cost at all, but it won’t add anything to your reputation, it may even harm and cause a bad image.

Opting for a professional production company like us will always be the best option, you will get a more effective, more moving, creative, weighing and unique video and you will always gain return for your business.

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Differentiates you from the competition

In an increasingly crowded digital world, an animated video will help your brand to be seen as differentiated, creative and innovative.

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A great email marketing strategy

Using videos in newsletters tends to increase visits. Because, as mentioned above, videos are the preferred format for customers, who will often prefer to watch a video than read an email with text.

Soon the video views will increase and with that it will be more recommended for future customers.

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Increases conversion rates

Taking into account a study carried out, 65% of the interviewed customers claim to have visited a company’s website after watching a video produced by it.

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