How is Brandup motion graphics?

Brandup is a creative company specialized in motion graphics.

We bring your brand to life, it will always be more than simple moving images, a video has to involve, thrill and be unique!


Everywhere, anywhere.

The Motion Graphic allows reaching extremely diverse audiences and can be used on all types of screens, whether on a smartphone or a movie screen, on LED panels, or on TV, on social networks, on the homepage of a website or even attached to a email.

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There are no limits to imagination

The possibilities of Motion Graphic allow the realization of practically everything that our mind can imagine.

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Endless possibilities.

The Motion Graphic has the particularity of being able to be combined with other techniques. Its versatility allows it to benefit from the advantages of other video styles, such as Live Action or WhiteBoard Animation. In a way, these other types of video add a personal and emotional touch to the Motion Graphic.

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Motion Graphics allow you to simplify a large amount and complexity of information in a more engaging and captivating way.

Motion Graphic is easy to absorb, understand and share, so it’s perfect for explaining complex concepts in a more creative way.

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