How is Brandup branding?

Branding is a brand management strategy, involving all actions that aim to make it stronger and more present in the market, being recognized by the public, admired and desired for what it offers.

This is an effort that must be permanent and whose effects appear in the medium and long term.

Logo Design

It is essential that, when communicating through any marketing channel, your company uses a striking and powerful logo. A strong brand is the beginning of the creation of great companies.

Brand Guidelines

A set of brand rules is not limited to large multinationals. Companies of all sizes must have a matched tone of voice, font, color palette and a set of rules for brand presentation.

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Digital Creation

Banner designs can make or break a display campaign, so it is critical that they are in the hands of experts. Clean and organized design is the hallmark of our work. Once your final draft is approved, we recreate the banner in a multitude of different formats, so that no matter what device it’s viewed on, it always looks its best.

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Packaging Design

Give us your design specification and leave the rest to us. Every packaging design job we do is different; we are never eliminated and we face each project with pleasure.

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Brochure Design

It is true and known that with digital printing some materials have fallen into disuse, but there are always occasions when you need to print something. As part of our full service offering, Brandup has the design skills to create truly stunning brochures.

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Email Templates

We treat email as an extension of your brand. So whether you’re sending a regular newsletter or a promotional email, the content will be personalized for maximum impact. You will be told the ideal text-to-graphics length and ratio. This will ensure that the email marketing campaign delivers high open and click-through rates.

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