Personal Data Protection Policy

This Policy contains the rules applicable to the collection and processing of personal data by Brandup, namely, its website These rules do not replace any clauses that are the subject of a specific agreement with any customer, partner and/or supplier. In that case, this policy may complete such documents, but not replace them. Owner and/or Customer and/or User are terms used interchangeably in this Policy to designate the owner of personal data. By providing Brandup with your personal data, the holder acknowledges and declares that:

  • You are of legal age;
  • You authorize the collection, processing and processing of personal data as described herein.


a) Identification of the entity responsible for data processing

BRANDUP the digital marketing agency headquartered at Av. General Norton de Matos 104, 3rd Floor, Room E – 4700-387, Braga, Portugal

Contacts: | (+351) 253 170 559


b) Intellectual property

The contents of this website, that is, all the information available, namely, texts, images, photographs and webdesign, are property of Brandup, except for expressly indicated sources. The contents are protected by copyright, under Portuguese and European Union laws. Thus, the content of the website cannot be copied, altered or distributed, except with the express authorization of Brandup. This condition excludes the exceptions allowed by law.


c) Purpose of collecting personal data

Brandup provides services in the areas of web solutions, communication design and marketing. To do this, it needs to collect personal data for the following purposes:

  • Sending marketing information to the Customer, including sending a newsletter to whoever has requested it, provided that the latter has given his consent and has not refused to use his coordinates for this purpose;
  • Contact the User who has completed and submitted a form, provided he has given his consent to be contacted;
  • Preparation of statistics that allow us to understand how Brandup can improve the level of services it provides and, in this way, respond more effectively to users’ expectations.


d) Data that will be collected

Brandup will collect the user’s name, website and email, by completing the forms provided in the various areas of the website, or by email. Information marked on the forms with an * is mandatory. Failure to provide information marked as mandatory will result in the impossibility of analyzing the information and/or the impossibility of providing the requested services, as applicable.

Data collection in open network: the user is alerted to the fact that the information collected/sent in open networks can circulate on the network without security conditions, with the risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties. Therefore, we advise you to adopt additional measures when using the internet for the purpose of transmitting your personal data, such as encryption, the use of firewalls, updated antivirus, among others. Brandup will keep the data for a period of 5 years. However, it may have to retain certain data for a longer period in order to comply with legal obligations.


e) Blog Comments

When making comments on the Brandup blog, the name, email and, optionally, the website that the user enters will be saved in the website’s database, along with the computer’s IP address, the time and date when the comment has been submitted. This information serves only to identify the user in the respective article and will not be shared with any third party. Only the username will be shown in the comments section.

f) Newsletter

When subscribing to a newsletter, the email address provided by the customer will be forwarded to Sendinblue. Sendinblue is the email marketing service chosen by Brandup. The user’s email address will be kept in Sendinblue’s database for as long as Brandup uses Sendinblue’s services, or the customer specifically requests the removal of the email address from the lists. The customer can update/remove their data, through the links provided in the Brandup newsletter, or request removal via email. When the user requests removal via email, he must send it to the email address used to subscribe to the newsletter.

As long as the email address remains in the Sendinblue database, the customer will receive a maximum of one newsletter per month.


g) Right of access and right of correction and portability of your personal data

  • The data subject has the right of access, correction, portability and deletion, at any time, of their personal data.
  • The data subject may refuse to use their coordinates for the purpose of receiving marketing materials from Brandup.
  • The data subject may exercise any of these rights in writing, through the following email:, or by letter, sent to our office located at Praça das Fontainhas, 63 4700-382, Braga, Portugal


h) Data transfer outside the European Union

Brandup does not transfer data outside the European Union. Some third-party data processors do not operate in the European Union, so it is necessary to read their privacy policies.

i) International use

If the User is outside Portugal, we inform you that the data is hosted on a server located in the European Union, applying data protection rules that may be different from those applicable in your country of origin, even within the European Union.


j) Hyperlinks (Links)

Brandup’s website contains hyperlinks (links) to other electronic sites (websites). Brandup is not responsible for the privacy policies of these websites. It is recommended that users of the Brandup website, when accessing other electronic sites, consult the pages that, within those sites, refer to their privacy policies. This text refers only to the privacy policy applicable to the Brandup website.


k) Tracking site visits

Brandup’s website uses Google Analytics (GA) to track User interaction on the website. The information collected is used to determine the number of users who access the site. Brandup uses this information to better understand how users find and use the web pages.
GA collects information regarding geographic location, device, internet browser and operating system, however, no information personally identifies the User. GA also collects the IP address to personally identify the user, but Google does not grant access to this information. Brandup considers Google to be a third party data processor.

GA uses cookies. Details on how these are processed can be found in Google Googles developer guide.

Disabling cookies on your internet browser will prevent Google from tracking any part of the visit to pages within this website.


l) Data security

Whenever sensitive information is collected or used, the data will be encrypted using SSL (Security Sockets Layer).

Thanks to the SSL protocol, which protects the transmission of all sensitive data over the Internet, all information is treated with maximum security. Your privacy is assured and the risk of data interception during communication is completely eliminated.
If you have any questions about the security and privacy that Brandup guarantees you, please contact us at or by mail to

  • Praça das Fontainhas, 63 Braga 4700-382 Portugal


m) Third party data processors

Brandup relies on a number of third parties to process personal information. The entities were carefully chosen.

  • Google
  • Sendinblue


n) Access

Access to the contents of the website is completely free and open, but it depends on the consent to the rules expressed herein and the acceptance of our privacy policy.
Brandup has the right to interrupt access to its website whenever necessary and for as long as it deems appropriate.


o) Final considerations

Brandup reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice, so we advise you to consult this page regularly.
It is considered that the user accepts the points described herein whenever accessing the Brandup website.


p) Contacts

The Responsible for the Processing of this website is Brandup, and he can be contacted through the postal address

  • Praça das Fontainhas, 634700-382 Braga

or alternatively by email,

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) can be contacted via the Data Protection Officer’s postal address or alternatively via email

If you believe that Brandup has not adhered to this statement, have any questions about our privacy policy or the information we have about you, please contact us at We will respond to inquiries within 30 days.


 q) Changes to this privacy statement

Our privacy policies are regularly reviewed and any changes will be posted on this website. The last update is dated February 5, 2019.


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