One of the most asked questions in the digital marketing area is exactly this: what is the best strategy, paid or organic traffic?

When companies start using online promotion, they always consider which one is worth it. Whether to invest money in online advertising or just let time and organic searches bring in customers.

Truth be told, today any website shows users advertising based on their search habits and online behavior. Whether on Google or Facebook or any other site that has advertising, there are ads that always know what users need from that product or service.

This is called the user’s digital footprint, which is being used to make this targeted advertising. The question is: will investments in online advertising be effective?

Paid traffic

On any platform, investing in ads means appearing at the top of searches and targeting the intended audience. However, if advertising is stopped, the products or services will also stop being shown to the potential buyer.

And the problem when you stop investing in this type of advertising is that if the entire strategy for organic searches has not been put in place, companies will disappear from the search results. If the competition has invested in both types of advertising (paid and organic) or even only in an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, it will now be ahead, as it has managed to organically place itself in the searches.

That is, paid traffic will depend a lot on the strategy that the company is considering using, the product or service it will promote and the objective for a particular campaign. Google Ads or Facebook ads, for example, mean immediate results, good definition of the target audience, temporal structuring and analysis of results.


Organic traffic

Unlike paid traffic, organic traffic is something that is built up over time, leading the potential customer to a relationship with the company that wants to sell them something. In the end it is bridged with the purchase. This process, called content marketing, begins by defining the target audience to be reached and, then, through various tools, creates a need for the user, leading him to follow a path where the final objective is the purchase.

In this process there are no intrusive advertisements. Content is organic, in the form of articles, email marketing, videos, landing pages, SMS marketing, etc. Only the decisions made by the user led him to want to know more about the product or service and to feel the need to obtain it.

This strategy gives the company greater credibility, since appearing in the first places in organic searches demonstrates that the company produces quality content, has worked to lead research and invests in the relationship with the customer in a less intrusive way.

It is highly recommended that companies invest in this strategy, but as a negative point, there is the fact that it takes a long time to reach the top of the searches.


The combination of the two strategies

Returning to the initial question: which is the best strategy, paid or organic traffic? Both.


  • The purpose is to test products or services
  • It is an impulsive purchase product or not
  • The SEO strategy is not yet complete;

Paid traffic is an option to think about, in a punctual way.

As for organic traffic, it’s simple. It must be constant.

Strategies should be created from the beginning in order to climb to the top of the searches in an organic way and then maintain those positions.

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