If you have an online store and would like to have more visits, you won’t want to miss this article where with the help of the E-commerce Guide you will find 5 crucial tips to increase your visits to your online store.

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1- Plan traffic generation before the official launch of the online store

You will need to start building your online store structure to generate organic traffic even before the store is officially launched.
A good first step to consider is your store’s menu structure!

You can’t forget about the product details page, which obviously needs to be well planned using onpage SEO elements and others to make your page stand out on Uncle Google.

2- I officially launched my online store, now what?

Don’t expect easy in the beginning, because one of the main criteria of the highlight is its time of existence and its relevance in the sector, and you’ve only just started, so don’t despair!

Well-done SEO can take several months of work, so get quality links to your online store, and only when this time-consuming work pays off, start betting on ads like Adwords.

3- Do a search for the most used keywords in your sector

One of the reasons that makes it difficult to attract traffic to a website or online store is poor choice of keywords! Do a good research and find out which keywords are most searched for by users.

If you use WordPress to build your website or online store, you can find several plugins that make this search easier for you.

4- Add a blog to your online store

Creating a blog associated with your online store is a very affordable strategy to attract traffic to your store. While regular content publishing is effective, it will cost your wallet very little!

5- Bet on Link Building for your online store

One of the best ways to attract traffic to your online store is to get links that are relevant to the public that refer to your store. This is called link building.
This method greatly influences the ranking of websites in the search results since the popularity criterion is very important for the calculation of Page Rank and site positioning.

Loja online - Como aumentar as visitas | 5 Dicas

So, did you like the tips? Now it’s time to put your online store on top!

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