The world has become increasingly digital and companies need to rethink and adapt their communication strategy for mobile devices, for three simple reasons:

  • A colossal increase in mobile internet access, we now use 8x more mobile devices in the last decade in Portugal;
  • 66% choose the smartphone to access the internet, it has become the most appreciated platform for mobile access by the Portuguese;
  • more than seven million Portuguese people actively use smartphones.

But really, what is mobile marketing really?

Marketing via mobile is more accessible, hence the relationship and interaction with the public is greater.

Time is a precious asset and with this strategy it allows the brand to reach the consumer more quickly, in this way e-commerce has increased, due to the increase in online purchases made by users, thus also generating a higher number of leads, which extends the possibility of sales and customer loyalty.

Apps, GPS and campaigns are also allies of this strategy. The apps make it easier for consumers to search and purchase any product and/or service from the brand’s application. The GPS leads the consumer to the right place according to his location, thus attracting any opportunity if it is within his reach. And finally, campaigns during “holidays” are a much more effective bet just because consumers consume much more information via mobile.

What do users value?

Simplicity, as clear and uncomplicated communication keeps the reader motivated, as well as taking into account that only relevant information is provided (product characteristics, services, company contacts and schedules), thus making it easier to find, such as consistency The information must be identical in all communication channels, be they social networks, advertisements, website, among others, even websites that distribute brand information.

Images must necessarily have good image quality, they always cause a great impact so choose images with good lighting and definition.

The creation of buttons on the page (hyperlinks) can link social networks, so that the visitor can get to know the brand better.


In short, the digital marketing strategy needs to be designed, putting the customer at the center of the action so that their interaction is positive and the brand is part of their life.