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How video can be decisive in a good brand strategy

The growing use of the Internet and the advancement of technologies have deepened the process of fragmentation of consumers’ attention, who began to consume content on different screens and in a dispersed way, while performing several tasks simultaneously. Today, consumers are impacted by various means with information about new brands and products, in a short period of time.
This time, to adapt to these changes in behavior, we must bet on formats that facilitate the understanding of the message to the user. Several studies show that the video format arouses greater interest among consumers, creating engagement and, thus, boosting sales.

Science can also explain why these numbers, the video explores different perceptions unconsciously for a human, and that hardly another tool can explore.

  • Keeps us focused: As a matter of survival, the brain of our ancestors was developed in order to be more alert to dangers that might arise. Thus, even today, we capture and remain more focused on the movements that surround us. This is one of the reasons video is such a successful format.
  • Captivates emotions: Communication and the creation of narratives are one of the main characteristics of human beings and they also have space in audiovisual. In this way, the video makes it possible to bring the brand closer to the target audience and, consequently, increase the ability to create affective bonds with the brand. This feature is important when establishing a relationship of trust that will later impact the purchase decision.

The institutional video is a great example, because when telling the story of a company, it gets closer to the target audience and reinforces its values, when we present a brand in video, we humanize it, and make it reach the audience in an emotional way. people, the video, in addition to entertaining consumers or informing, allows showing a product or even how it should be used, which helps the potential customer to clarify doubts that may exist and, thus, become more confident in proceeding with the process of purchase.
Video is one of the tools that we provide at Brandup, a strategy that includes video content, positively impacting the results of a brand, whether on social networks, on its website or in other supports. This type of content increases brand awareness and value, generates credibility and engagement with the target audience and increases sales.



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