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How to turn content into sales!


Nowadays it is essential that all businesses are present on the Internet, where online attendance determines whether companies are active or not.

In today’s digital economy, around 50% of online purchase decisions are driven by your content marketing, where the focus is on following the lead throughout the purchase process.

The information contained in this strategy must be useful, constant and consistent so that the target audience can identify with it and thus allow for increased sales and end-consumer loyalty.

These are the 4 tips that will help you:

1- Create a blog and update it continuously

A blog is an excellent source of information and content for your visitors, so that they are captivated and connected.

  • Choose a good name;
  • Bet on good design;
  • Precisely define the theme;
  • Be original and creative;
  • Be consistent;
  • Publish articles frequently.


2- Use social networks to interact with the public

Consumers increasingly connect to concepts and brands through their publications, thus creating empathy and affinity with the company.

To captivate them you must publish:

  • Updated photographs with good image quality of the products;
  • Live videos (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
  • Instastories with polls (Instagram)
  • Direct access links to the brand’s blog or website.


3- Take advantage of real events

Whenever there is an impacting event or festive dates/seasons related to your business, create publications in the various communication channels so that it is shareable, creating a closer relationship with the consumer.


4- Turn to influencers

Bloggers and public figures with large numbers of followers and likes on social media can contribute to the growth of your business.

Partnerships and promotional codes help you advertise your products/services, reach a greater number of customers and help you to quickly understand which influencers make the most impact for your brand.


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