Want to know how to make SMS marketing generate results? Continue reading this article!
E-goi sent us an email with some tips that can be useful when using SMS Marketing and we decided to select just a few tips.

Do you know why making SMS Marketing pays off? Because, according to a study, 90% of people who receive an SMS open messages within 3 minutes after receiving them! Amazing right? Well if you are not using this channel to do your marketing, know that you are wasting money!

So let’s get down to business, we leave below 5 small tips on how to do SMS Marketing.

1- Define your strategy

So let’s go to the first point of how to do sms marketing. Let’s imagine you have inactive customers and you haven’t heard from them in a while and you want to get them back. What you can do? What will be the best strategy? You could, for example, offer a discount coupon on your purchases, or offer postage. Understood? Great, so first define your strategy.

2- Choose Good SMS Marketing Software

There are SMS Marketing  softwares that do not even let you know if your SMS were delivered or customize the message sender.
BRANDUP clearly recommends E-goi, they have an interface that allows you to create and send your SMS easily, with customization and detailed reports.

3- You will need a database

Before starting SMS Marketing, you will need a database to be able to send the SMS. Are you thinking about buying a database? Nah…
You also don’t like receiving SMS that you didn’t authorize right? So don’t do the same…

4- Be convenient

Suppose you were thinking about going to buy a hair dryer at a store, and received a message with a promotion for that same product? That was great, except if this SMS hadn’t woken him up at 3 am…

It’s important to send targeted messages, but don’t abuse it. And if you have clients in other countries, pay attention to time zones.

5- The customer likes to feel special

The last tip on how to do SMS marketing is to make the customer feel special!
Don’t you like it when you’re treated well? Like you’re a special customer? Try to personalize the message as much as possible, because if the customer sees that the offer is for everyone, it certainly won’t have the same effect.

With these 5 tips, it’s already halfway to know how to do SMS marketing!

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