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How to do amazing brand management?

“A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that together are responsible for making the consumer choose one product or service over another.”

Seth Godin


Branding, or brand management, as it is well known, is a set of strategic actions that, when applied efficiently, contribute to building your consumer’s perception of your company in a positive way.

Branding is much more than its appearance, it has to convey emotions, sensations and memories in order to arouse the customer’s attention and make them choose your brand.

Building a strong brand for a line of products or services is a consequence of a satisfactory relationship with the market. With a positive and strong identification, the brand becomes worth more than the product itself.

To make a good brand management, your company must have several communication channels to attract your customers, but first of all you must be aware of what your company is and what its values ​​are, making it a market leader.


The following steps will help you strategically to develop this management:

• Create a branded platform

The first step in managing a brand is to understand what it is made of, what are its bases, what does it contribute, what does it promise to society and what makes it unique? A branded platform is a set of unique components of your brand that will help your consumers connect with your brand.

The main points that any brand platform must contain are the purposes, its promises, its attributes and its positioning.

Purpose is nothing more, nothing less than the reason your brand exists and why it was created.

Sometimes we get a better idea of ​​the purpose of our brand from our employees and consumers, they help to better understand why they believed and connected in this way with our brand.

The brand promise works like a manifesto, it’s what we see being communicated by brands.

Brand attributes are the characteristics of your brand, which dictate the values, the way you communicate and work, even attributing a certain personality, as if you were a person. Brand attributes help humanize a brand and align expectations.

Positioning defines the market space that your brand will occupy and how it will be understood by consumers. It’s understanding your market and what your consumers need and want, making your brand more present and relevant.

• Have a strong and coherent identity

The first step is to create a name and logo for your company, thus creating the visual identity of the brand, where color, icons, symbols, illustrations and/or typography are the elements that make up a visual identity.

The slogan, the tone and the voice are other elements that also lead to this same identity, the slogans support the communication of the brand, while the tone is framed according to the attributes of the brand and its persona. Voice has to adapt to different audiences and channels.


These are the tools you need to do a good job of Branding, transforming your brand to conquer the market and your customers.

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