Como criar bons anuncios no Facebook 3 Dicas

Want to learn how to create great Facebook ads? Well… if I were in your shoes, I would also like to know a magic formula that could guide me to great results.

That hope that your sponsored ad will have great results, will have many clicks and interactions, many visits to your site, until we see that nothing works and we fail…even if the ad has “nice” results, we know that we failed.

It happens to everyone to make mistakes when preparing an ad… Choosing the target audience, goals to be achieved, setting a budget, etc.

Continue reading the article, with the help of Kaksimedia we have prepared 3 tips on how to create good Facebook ads!

1- Don’t use too much information

Normally a Facebook ad should be easy for your target audience to understand and sometimes you have less than a second to get the user’s attention. The sentence you want to highlight must be extremely clear including also what you are offering to your audience.

Let’s say you want to run a promotional campaign in which the objective is to offer a discount or just disclose sales. Instead of indicating that you are offering a certain percentage of discount, choose to quantify the value (Ex: Save 25€ today)

2- Clear Call of Attention (CTA)!

You must have a very clear CTA so that your audience knows perfectly what the next step to take. It’s your opportunity to interact. What is the purpose of CTA?

  • Visits to the website?
  • Send a message?
  • Fill out a form?

The call to action tells the audience what to do next. It’s your interaction goal!
What should be your first goal with CTA’s was for people who are viewing your ad to react to what they see and, of course, CLICK!


3- Prepare the message well for your target audience

Users may even notice your ad but they are unlikely to interact with it if the message is not interesting or if it relates to them…
If the image does a good job, it’s the text that gives the final push!

The message you place in your ad should be created taking into account the target audience you’ve chosen. Try to make the message confident and bold!

Well now that we’ve given you 3 tips on how to create great Facebook ads, it’s time to create yours. Good luck!

Deixamos-te aqui também uma ajuda do Facebook que podes consultar,We also leave you here a help from Facebook that you can consult, CLICK HERE

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