This planning can be directed at the brand or a specific product of the company, in order to use a concrete tool to guide its strategies and competitiveness.
The marketing plan is nothing more and nothing less than the entire documentation of your planning. Therefore, microenvironment and macroenvironment analyses, in addition to the definition of target segments and brand positioning, must come before the plan structure.
These are the six main steps that should appear in your plan, but they may vary depending on the needs of each business.

1• Definitions of strategic planning

The marketing plan must start with the definitions of the company’s strategic planning. This encompasses the brand’s mission, vision and values, in addition to the company’s goals and objectives.

2• Description of the analysis of the marketing environment

In this step, you must document the main information and insights that you have extracted from the observations.

The plan should point out the main threats and opportunities of the external environment and the strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment. At this stage you can and should use the SWOT analysis framework for this.

3• Segmentation definitions

Here you must define which target audience(s) the company will work with, based on market segmentation, and what position it will assume for each of them. At this point, it can also be interesting to create the persona with whom your strategies will communicate.

4• Definitions of the marketing mix for each segment

Defines the strategies of the 4 P’s of marketing: Product (Product), Price (Price), Placement (Distribution) and Promotion (Communication). This must be done for each segment and according to the brand’s position for each one.

5• Execution schedule

The execution schedule is essential to get the marketing plan off the ground. At this stage, you must define a calendar, with dates and deadlines, in addition to those responsible for each activity and the resources they will trigger.

6• Performance indicators

The definition of performance indicators is one of the fundamental points in the marketing plan. It is with them that you will investigate whether their strategies have achieved the desired results, in alignment with the company’s strategic objectives.


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