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How to apply Storytelling in your company

Storytelling is the ability to transmit content from an elaborate story and an engaging narrative, using words and audiovisual resources, which can be very beneficial for your company, as it helps to promote your business and sell your services. indirect way, but it has to have a context and an objective.
It can be applied in content production, sales and consulting.


The storytelling triad:

Storytelling is underpinned by three fundamental elements that need to be connected:

• Narrative techniques: at this stage, the conceptual paths that support the content are defined;

• Narrative Content: the most renowned and explored part because it gives life to the technique;

• Fluidity: at this point, experiences and moments are created that bring audiences together.


The best way to start good storytelling for your business:

• Product Placement: Include stories related to the use of your product or the brand’s purpose in the narratives.

• Narratology: Develop a story to explain why the company (or product) is the solution or a market benchmark.

• Brand Personality: Use archetypes (mental models) that position your brand in your customers’ minds.


In this step, we speed up the decision moment, thus increasing results, motivating your audience and these are the best ways to choose content:

• Informative: it is what incorporates value from knowledge;

• Service: These are contents that serve to help your audience, simplifying people’s lives, solving problems and saving time;

• Communication: This content creates a development of actions that welcomes people, managing spontaneous communication and stimulating influencers by bringing together common interests;

• Entertainment: Promotes experiences to the audience, bringing remarkable moments to those who interact.


Storytelling in practice:

In content production, the use of metaphor can help to hold the reader, facilitating understanding. Always produce different content, super creative and purely true without falling into falsehood.

In relation to sales, you must understand what sells, as it facilitates the time it takes to tell your story, which must be short and must convey the message in a clear way. Having knowledge of the subject also provides explanations, exemplifying with personalized speeches, also taking into account the environment and interests of the people and/or companies that are on the other side.



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