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Digital marketing is nothing less than traditional marketing, with the difference that it is applied to digital channels. In this type of marketing, several types of tools are used, such as social networks, email marketing, websites, among others. This type of channel has numerous advantages, as we will talk about below, bringing companies closer to their customers, also helping to consolidate their brand, if communication is carried out correctly.



When we talk about digital marketing we are talking about a much more dynamic environment than traditional marketing. Why is this? This is because the feedback from users and customers can be seen and measured in real time, thus being able to see what types of content are being accepted by the public.

With this possibility of measurement, we can easily change our actions based on the results obtained. When you realize that a certain strategy is not bringing results, all you have to do is rectify and enter a new path.

Another of the facilities of digital marketing, which for businesses is a very important point, is measuring the ROI (return on investment), which in traditional marketing is not so easy.



In the days of any company that does not communicate on digital channels, it is one step behind its competition. They (companies) begin to understand the importance of being present online when it is necessary for their competitors to stand out.

Believe me, being online will make a big difference in your business… To keep this in mind, prepare some advantages of digital marketing.

– Measurable: Yes, in digital channels you have the possibility to measure the results that your business is having in the communication that is being carried out, thus being able to make the necessary changes to achieve positive results.
– Make adjustments: When carrying out your digital marketing actions, if you notice that something is not working and is not having the results you wanted, it is possible to adjust the strategy or, if necessary, REMOVE! (thus avoiding the loss of money)
– Speed: One of the great advantages of the digital world is that everything is more instantaneous than offline media. At any time and at the distance of a click, the consumer can make a purchase in the blink of an eye.
– Greater reach: Contrary to what we see in traditional marketing, digital marketing is able to guarantee greater exposure of your business/brand, thus not having the impeding barriers that exist offline. You can easily expose your company in other cities or countries.


First of all, it is necessary to see Digital Marketing as a producer of sales and opportunities. It is very important to analyze and set goals so that you can outline the ideal strategies and thus achieve them.

Oh and don’t forget, of course, to know your target audience

Use social media to your advantage! It’s an opportunity to create “close” relationships with your customers, thus ensuring that they buy recurrently.

Therefore, BRANDUP defined 4 Digital Marketing strategies to start using in your business.


Nowadays, a lot is said about content marketing and of course it has been a trend in the digital marketing world. But believe me, there are still people who do not know the benefits that this strategy can bring to your business.

If you don’t really know how content marketing works… IT’S BETTER BE QUICK TO LEARN

You can start in a simple, very practical and economical way! Create a blog on your site, it’s a good way to drive traffic to your site organically (you can also sponsor this content).

BRANDUP has already discussed the subject of content marketing, how to create a marketing plan

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In another article we’ve already covered this subject of E-mail marketing… and yes, don’t be fooled if you think this strategy is dead… BECAUSE IT’S NOT!

Believe me, an email list can do magic and quite generous returns. This type of strategy is recurrently used, for example, by online stores, where they take the opportunity to send their promotions.

If you don’t have an email list, BRANDUP did an article on how to get an email list

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– What about email marketing metrics?

Well, to evaluate the performance of an email marketing campaign we can take into account 2 metrics, which are the open rate and the click-through rate

In the first metric (open rate) we can check how catchy the e-mail title was enough for the person to have the action to open.

In the second metric (click through rate) where it shows us the effectiveness of the campaign performed.


Yes, social media is a good option. They are a very influential medium, where communication and dialogue are strong points to promote your brand or business.

Most people spend their “dead” times and not only on social networks doing an infinite scroll, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… Here may be a good opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

But don’t forget, in addition to creating strategies, knowing how to retain customers is essential!


SEO strategy planning is one of the steps, if not “the” most important to do when it comes to web strategies. Whether for websites or online stores.

Not sure what SEO is? Well, very briefly it is a set of strategies that aim to optimize the position of your website or online store in search engines, also related to a certain group of keywords.

The SEO strategy is a time-consuming process, and it needs to be implemented right at the beginning of your project to avoid having future problems.

What type of SEO strategies can you use?

There are numerous SEO strategies to be implemented but we’ll just talk about 3:

– SEO on page: SEO on site , also known as SEO on page or technical , is a practice of optimizing “elements” in the visual interface and no code on a site in order to rank that site – or specific pages within a higher level search engine results. The higher your search engine rankings, the more traffic you can drive to your site!

– SEO off site : SEO off site refers to actions taking off your site that impact your rankings on the search results pages (SERPS). The main objective here is “link building”, which is to put other reputable sites online ​​(pages, sites, people, etc.) to link or promote your site, producing “proving” the quality of your contents.

– Content Marketing: In today’s world, content is king and the content that matters is anything that is public and shareable. This includes blogs, documents, articles, videos and podcasts, webpage content, online store content, press releases, presentations and much more.

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digital marketing

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