First of all, in a synthetic way, we will explain what design is. Design is the link between an aesthetic and a functional line that determines how a product or service will work.

The importance of Design

When you create a brand, you have to take into account its values, culture, vision, mission and values ​​that define its origin. After that, its graphic representation is created, which must conquer the public, connecting with people through the emotions it conveys. If it is not possible to create this connection, then the brand will hardly be successful and we do not want a brand without expression, without emotion in the market.


Winning the Audience Through the Eyes

As we mentioned earlier, that it is necessary to win over the public through the emotions that the brand conveys, it is also very important and we would even say the most important! Conquering the public by what they see is sometimes not an easy task, as it requires prior research, where one looks for the target audience, knowing their tastes and what the brand wants to convey to them through the colors and typographic fonts that by itself, it can “mess with” the emotions and sensations of the audience.

Stand out for design

Nowadays we are bombarded with information and content, which makes the public much more difficult to please and convince and competition is constant, as we always want our design to stand out from others.

Campaigns are a good example of capturing the public’s attention, only with the design that is certainly of great importance in this role and if it is perceived perfectly, keeping it with a good image and interesting subjects the result will always be positive. and sales are sure to soar.


Recreate the design?

First of all we have to mention that a good design requires time and money invested. And if it’s to improve any design, we can never stop creating functional things, because recreating just to make it more beautiful doesn’t work, it has to have a very well defined functionality. The design is aesthetic, but it solves problems for its functionality above all.

To improve the design, we must always take into account our target audience, define it even more in detail, to convince them to buy our products and/or services, to finally result in sales, which will always be our ultimate goal.



A importância do design nas marcas