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Google Shopping is an excellent platform to advertise your products


Check out the benefits of creating paid ads on the Google Shopping shopping

What is Google Shopping?

It is a form of advertisements paid for by the owners of brands and/or stores. The service is offered by the Google platform.

These ads appear on Google when people search for more general terms than specific products (eg refrigerator, mobile phone, books).

The search result appears as a showcase for the user.

Where do I create ads?

Google Merchant is the platform to be used to create advertisements for your products in order to appear in users’ searches.

How it works?

The user represents the name of the product you are looking for in a search box.

A series of carousel advertisements appears, with several options for the desired item.

A photo, description, price and name of the store where the product can be found are required.

What is Google Showcase Shopping for?

Serves sellers to add information about products related to consumer search

What content is prohibited on Google Shopping?

We produce an article that talks about content that is banned by Google. Check out!

There are requirements to create ads.

Please note whether the requirements apply to your country or your product.

If applicable requirements are not followed, your product ad will be disapproved.

See what is prohibited:

  • Counterfeit products

Products that mimic the characteristics of authentic products (applicable to both advertisements and the store’s website).

  • Dangerous products

It is not allowed to disclose some products that cause damage or injury, such as: tobacco products, reactive drugs, weapons, ammunition, explosive materials, etc.

  • Products that allow dishonest behavior

The promotion of products that facilitate dishonest behavior such as: software or instructions for hackers, falsified documents, academic forgery products is not allowed.

  • inappropriate content

The dissemination of content, advertisements or destinations (websites) that display shocking content or promote hatred, intolerance, discrimination or violence is not permitted. Examples: bullying, racial discrimination, cruelty to animals, sale or trade in endangered species.


Ads that sell:

  • merchandise for the adult audience;
  • airline tickets and tickets for events;
  • financial products;
  • services (work, time, effort, experience or actions that do not result in ownership of a tangible product);
  • real estate;
  • vehicles;

In addition, ads are restricted from:

  • alcoholic beverage;
  • copyright protected content;
  • content relating to games of chance;
  • health-related content (controlled or over-the-counter medications, among others).

Google Shopping ads also don’t allow the promotion of certain types of content on platforms that don’t offer a good user experience.

What are the benefits for consumers?

Consumers have the opportunity to:

  • access your store’s product catalog;
  • read the product description;
  • obtain pricing information;
  • quickly compare prices with other stores.

How to advertise on Google Shopping?

Ad campaigns are elevated from a Google Ads account. See the step by step:

1 – create your campaign with a Google Ads account (if you don’t have one, create an account);

2 – configure the product feed;

3 – create an account on the Merchant Center;

4 – link to both accounts;

5 – set up your campaigns on Google Shopping.

On our blog, there is an article that talks about creating ads using Facebook and Google Ads together. Read!

Follow all the steps and get help from Google itself to set up your campaigns on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping is an excellent platform for e-commerce: it has a wide reach and generates more qualified leads, ready to convert.

Benefit from this to market the products of your online store.

What are the 7 benefits of Google Shopping for my online store?

  1. financial control (you determine the level of investment);
  2. allows you to show related and grouped products;
  3. allows your brand to be discovered by new audiences;
  4. the first click on the ad is free;
  5. increased traffic to your store’s website;
  6. increased presence of your store in search results;
  7. more qualified visitors (leads).

Note: Click is charged when someone spends more than 10 seconds in the expanded ads section or when a product or link is clicked.

Why to invest in Google Shopping

Google is the largest search platform in the world. Certainly 98% of people who search the Internet use the platform to research products and services.

Being present at the top of Google’s first page is something extremely valued by companies and brands. It’s where everyone wants to be.

Many studies on consumer behavior indicate that people want to see photos of products, want to know prices and be able to compare them with those in other stores.

Let’s think, what is more appealing to the first impact: an image gallery with photos, prices and product descriptions or simply links? Compare with the example below:

In fact, what consumers are looking for today is to solve their problem as quickly as possible.

And if the problem is to find the right product at the right price, Google Shopping is a platform that brings together the most relevant information about a product in a single ad.

Create ads to get the consumer’s attention in a more appealing way than a string of links that the user needs to access, one by one, to get the information they need.

At that point, if the consumer, to find your store, has to access several links and search pages, for sure he will give up and buy the products that appear at the top of the first page of Google.

Now you know the reasons and advantages of investing in Google Shopping.

If you need help creating strategic campaigns to advertise your products, talk to Brandup.

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