6 passos para conseguir uma lista de e mails

Build email list!

Is it possible nowadays to be able to stand out from a crowd full of blogs, youtubers, influencers, and full of social media accounts to watch and follow? Yes it is possible, there is a small access path to this highlight. Using e-mail can put you to an advantage, without waiting for future customers to come to you.

It’s a great way to persuade your customers to make a new purchase or simply get you to take an action you want, but most of all, remind yourself that you (your business) still exist.

If you follow the BRANDUP blog, you have seen that we quote the following phrase: “Building relationships, not links”. Email is an excellent tool to connect and develop with your customers and futures.

Keep reading this article as we will give you 6 simple steps to build email list from scratch.

1- Get a platform to manage emails

2- You must have a credible reason to sign your list

Nowadays nobody likes to divulge their contact information as well, this also includes the email of course. People will not give you their email address without a credible reason. You will have to take into account that you will have to meet people’s needs, desires, problems and challenges.

If I can meet one of these parameters, you will probably get a person to give you the email.

3- Give something back

Even though you were able to meet a need of your target audience it still needed a little push, that’s where the offer comes in.

Offers to encourage people to subscribe to your email list are often called lead magnets. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Special Coupons or Discount Codes
  • Free sample
  • Exclusive access to content that only subscribers receive
  • Entry into a community or group that only people who subscribe have access to, where they can interact with other customers

4- Start by inviting those who already support you

It’s time to start filling your email list, but don’t start by trying to add strangers, start by adding those who already follow and support your business.

You can use emails from:

  • Your database
  • Your network of influencers and partners
  • Friends, relatives, that is, people close to you and who support your business.

Even though you know these people and feel that you are free to send emails without restriction, you are completely mistaken. Even with these people it is necessary to ask for permission to send these emails, if you do not do so, it can harm your business a lot (and may be reported as spam).

Here are a few more steps to correctly invite these people to your email list:

  • Contact people individually through email, social media or any other method of communication.
  • Explain why you are inviting to the mailing list
  • Explain the advantage they will have by subscribing to your email list
  • Finally ask permission to add them to your list or to send the form link

5- Spread the word!

Well, done all the steps above, it’s time to start advertising to attract potential customers!

We suggest you take the following steps:

  • Add a link to the subscription form in your email signature.
  • Include a link to your list on your social media profiles and in any bios, published articles or other sections
  • Create posts on social media to promote your list and encourage people to join (remember the offer they will receive when they sign up!)
  • Share your list with communities you are already a part of, such as LinkedIn groups, Facebook, etc.

Finally, share your email list anywhere and everywhere you feel comfortable doing so.

6- Submit content regularly!

The steps you took up to 5 were just to attract subscribers, this last step is to keep them and maybe even convert them into paying customers!


6 passos para conseguir uma lista de e-mails


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