To get a considerable number of followers on Instagram, you need to create compelling content that your audience really wants, but if you don’t publish your content at the right time, it won’t have the desired impact.
Based on the fact that it is impossible to always achieve maximum visibility, it is necessary to take advantage of the moment when there are more users to impact more people in the first few minutes.

Evaluate business hours
As many of the people who join Instagram do so for fun, the highest peaks of activity often occur after work hours or during breaks during the day, so we can say that the best time to post on Instagram is between 11 am and 1 pm, in general at these noon hours, many workers take a break from their daily tasks to have lunch or coffee.

Night window

If you are unable to post in the morning or lunch break, a new window of opportunity between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm will open again at the end of the working day.
In addition, it is normal for people to also start dinner later than 9 pm. So you can get good engagement if you post at 10pm.

Days of the week

Instagram stats show that the best days of the week to post are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The day with the most interaction is Wednesday. It is the day of the week when it receives the most likes, comments, publications, essential factors for increasing the visibility of a publication.
The worst day of the week is Sunday, it’s a bad day for all those who want to make money on Instagram. If you have no choice but to post on Sunday, the ideal time would be 5pm, but we recommend waiting until Monday, as on weekends people usually go out to have fun and don’t use social media much.

Peak times on Instagram

On Instagram it is necessary to find the time when there are more people connected and interacting on this social network, it is common for Instagram users to access it on their mobile phone, where they can basically do two different things:

-View the feed: it consists of posts of photos and videos made by the people you follow;
-View Instagram stories: content in a vertical format that is increasingly consumed by all “instagrammers”, as it is more natural, dynamic and carefree.

In either of the two formats, the Instagram algorithm is the one that decides to prioritize some content over others.


Understand the algorithm

Instagram administrators consider that, as it is not possible to see all the activity of each account we follow, we must first show the most popular one, and for that, the algorithm uses several parameters related to engagement, such as comments, publications, etc.
When a post is published, the algorithm only shows this update in the feed of a few followers who are currently connected, if your content strategy is successful – and your post is interesting and generates reactions among these first followers, it will continue to be shown to more people.
Therefore, the more people are seeing and interacting with your post within the first few minutes of publication, the more likely you are to get better engagement that will lead to an increase in your visibility.