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Planning social networks is essential to take advantage of all the potential that the digital world has to offer you! With the help of Rock Content we reveal in this article, 5 simple steps to understand how to create a strategy, produce content and analyze results.


1- Establish a path when planning social media

Admittedly, most people want is satisfactory results and numbers. Therefore, it is necessary to start the first step, which is to plan what will be the focus of your social networks.
Can’t tell you exactly what focus you would like to adopt in your social media strategy? No problem! Below are some examples of possible approaches:

  • brand perception

  • Support the user

  • Sell directly to the customer

  • Attract traffic to your blog

These are just a few topics out of many that can give you some help and decide which is the path you want to take to plan social networks.

Don’t forget that these goals vary a lot depending on the field in which your business operates.

2- Define KPI’s

How can I measure if I am achieving my goal?

Let’s take an example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, increasing the number of mentions on your page, the interaction that exists with it and the reach of your publications, these are very important numbers that can guide you.

Keeping track of these numbers constantly will be the starting point to check if your strategy is having good results.

3- Reuse content you’ve already produced on your social networks

Even if your social networks aren’t with a consistent and well-targeted strategy, you’ve certainly gotten posts with a great performance.

So, how about making a small survey of the content that had good performances to help you plan social networks and understand what catches your audience’s attention?

Don’t worry about repeating good content, if in the past you had good results, in the present you can also have!

4- Content scheduling

Planning social networks with the days and time that the post will go live is nothing too complicated or requires a lot of bureaucracy and doesn’t need to be done in advance.

It is not necessary to plan social networks filling the entire calendar when the month starts, but it would be interesting if you could plan the content that requires a little more time from you (like preparing images or even videos).

Here in BRANDUP, our content does not require much preparation in advance, there is only internal planning of content frequency!

5- Frequency on social networks

Sprout Social created a list with the average number of posts on each social network:

  • Facebook : 3-10 weekly

  • Linkedin : 2-5 times weekly

  • Twitter: (requires more posts) nat least 5 post daily

  • Instragam: at least 1 post daily

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