First, let’s clarify what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) really is, in other words, search engine optimization. That is, this set of techniques used for those who use internet search engines (Google, Bing, for example) to reach the site organically and not in a paid way. These main techniques used are content creation, link building, SEO Tech and user experience.

To give you an idea, about 70% of the traffic to the Digital Results blog comes from organic searches. These visits are the fruits of the optimization of our pages.

Here are 5 good reasons to invest in SEO:

1. Invest in what’s really yours

In this case, your website, as it is your great asset on the Internet, is what will accompany you throughout your company if it remains active, it is there that people will know what you do, what are the advantages of your business and the services it has to offer.

Investing in SEO for your website is investing in something that is really yours, investing your assets on the internet, and then reaping the rewards.

It’s an arduous task, but arguably the most valuable for your business.


2. Conquer space on the 1st page of Google

To be on the first page of Google it is necessary that the SEO work is done well and with relevant content, it will not be because your company provides a better service than the competing company. In this way, any company disputes the place, whether it is a small or a large company.


3. Be the reference your user is looking for

The more searches you have on the first pages, the greater your authority in the area in which you operate.

People search for relevant data, problem solutions, tips to improve their daily lives and much more. And if, in these cases, the surveys were related to topics that your company operates, the brand that it will see as a market reference will be yours. And it’s no use just producing content, you need to be aligned with ranking techniques so that your website is always ahead of the competition, that is, it is once again necessary to invest in SEO.


4. Increase visits to your website (and sell more)

If it is on the first pages of the Internet, it means that your page has had many more visits than others. It is important to optimize your site so that navigation is easier and your content is rich and attractive. This will all result in more leads to relate to and many more opportunities to acquire customers.


5. Increase the quality of your ads

If you want to invest in Google ADS to make your campaigns even better, it is essential to focus on SEO.

Optimizing the page for the user (among other factors) includes original content, important data and other information that the numerous SEO techniques can provide in the browsing experience, because it’s no use clicking on an ad with the intention of finding something and you end up finding it. another, totally different. Having an optimized page makes it possible to launch at a much lower cost than expected.


Finally, we must emphasize that SEO “does not happen overnight”, that is, seeing its growth takes some time, you must take into account a few months (3 to 6 months) to gradually start seeing some results, but which consequently will accumulate good results and the gains will compensate for all that time and work invested.
The result is gratifying, both in terms of the conversion of your website and the positioning of your brand and the perception of your target audience.