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5 Reasons to invest in branding your brand

A good example of what branding can do for a brand is Coca-Cola. When thinking about this brand, we immediately associate it with its red logo and happiness, the main emotion used to get closer to consumers and a key aspect of its branding.

But what is branding?

In simple terms, it is how consumers interpret and feel about a particular brand. A branding strategy aims to get the consumer to choose a certain brand over the competition, influencing them through marketing, advertising, design, psychology, business management, etc. A branding strategy is not just the design of a logo or a slogan, but a continuous work with the aim of giving more confidence to consumers. Only with time and constant work results can be seen.


And why should I invest in branding my brand?

1. Increases credibility

A careful branding achieves greater credibility to consumers, as being more professional, it increases the opportunity for conversion into sales.


2. Helps to make the brand stand out in the market

In all sectors or business areas there is competition. A company without a branding strategy will have great difficulties in growing in the market. A company with a well thought out and improved branding strategy will stand out from the rest due to brand recognition. In this matter, first impressions count, and a lot!


3. Create a connection with consumers

Good branding makes a brand arouse emotions in its customers, making them loyal. Through branding, connections, conscious or not, with consumers can be created. All decisions made by the brand, whether in the creation of the logo to the selection of the font, from the values defined to the people who represent it, everything contributes to the construction of a personality. This means that in the consumer’s mind, the brand creates value beyond the product.


4. Attract the ideal customer

A brand that recognizes the importance of marketing has a target audience. All communication made by the brand is based on the target audience. If the branding strategy is well planned, it will be much easier to attract the target audience.


5. Adds value to the business

As we know, many times the products of one brand have a certain price and the competitor costs twice as much. The product is even similar, but this is because one has a good branding strategy and the other does not. In this way, you stand out from the competition and can charge more for the same product.


Put your brand on the market now and stand out from the competition with a good branding strategy. Brandup is here to facilitate the process. Talk with us!

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