Have an online store? Do you think you could sell more? Maybe it’s time to give some thought to your business strategy. Brandup will show you 5 very important features so you can increase your sales!

Abandoned cart recovery

The numbers indicate that the average number of abandoned carts in online stores is around 75% and there are several: difficulties in checkout, lack of payment methods, shipping deadlines, etc.

A feature that can help you make more sales is to remind customers that they left something in their cart and encourage them to complete the purchase.

The “Abandoned Cart Recovery” should undoubtedly be a feature to be thought of for implementation in an online store!


Promotional codes

Eventually any store has promotions.

For this, it is necessary or almost mandatory, a manager of promotional codes!

With this functionality it is possible to define the value of the promotion, its duration or the products to which it applies.


Follow price

The follow price allows the customer to follow the price variations of a product, taking into account the selected characteristics.

In addition to being an extremely useful feature for the user, it is a purchase booster.


Birthday codes

Another great feature to think about is the “birthday codes”.

This allows you to surprise your customers with a personalized message on their birthday and, for example, a promotional code, in order to encourage them to buy.


Verified reviews

About 85% of users consult previous customer reviews before buying something. In addition, it is one of the best ways to give credibility to your brand and encourage your customer to buy!


Would you like to implement any of these features in your online store or see what you could do to sell more? Brandup is at your disposal to help you in this task!