Currently in this age of technology, it is necessary to know very well about this branch that is so broad and complex to achieve the greatest success in your business, obviously if it is used correctly.
In this article, we will introduce you to five interesting facts about this branch, which is Digital Marketing, which can be beneficial for you and help you to put together a good strategy.


1) Mobile marketing is just as important as desktop marketing

Digital marketing for mobile, or mobile marketing, is much more important. To create an online marketing strategy, it is currently necessary to take into account mobile devices and how your activity will work with them. It is also worth noting that a large part of consumers currently make their purchases through their mobile phones, discarding the use of the desktop a little, so it is important to guarantee this functionality in order not to give up a significant target audience.


2) Your website speed is a key factor for Google

Google chooses sites that provide the best user experiences when organizing search results. That is, sites with slow loading are impaired in terms of ranking. This makes loading speed a key factor in ensuring the reach of your page in the online world.


3) There are over 40 million small businesses on Facebook

According to data provided by the platform itself, there are more than 40 million small businesses on Facebook. It is important to assume specific strategies to achieve greater prominence in these competing spaces.


4) Digital marketing goes hand in hand with relationship marketing

Digital marketing is essential to also carry out relationship marketing, a strategy in which the company creates a bond with the customer. The two practices complement each other, being more effective when applied together.


5) Email marketing is not dead

Email marketing continues to be one of the most appropriate and direct tools in Digital Marketing. Because it presents infinite possibilities of relationship with leads and customers. Its function is to send emails from automation tools.



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