4 Dicas de SEO para Optimizar o seu Website 1
Another article about tips, this time with the help of the blog marcogouveia to give you 4 basic SEO tips to put into practice and start to better position your website!
Anyone who is working in the digital world is well aware that SEO is a set of techniques in which the objective is to improve the position of a website in search engines, whether it is Google, bing, etc.
But you who are there on this side, do you really know what are the most important aspects to apply in SEO?
Stay there, in this article we will show you 4 SEO tips to optimize your website


Opt for Long Tail Keywords

The first of the SEO tips is the use of long tail keywords.
By choosing to use short keywords you are going down a very competitive path, as these keywords are generally more generic and will generate a lot more effort to appear well positioned on the search engine results page.

BRANDUP advises you to use long tail keywords throughout your titles and subtitles and also of course throughout your texts.
Imagine that you have a business selling watches, instead of using the keyword “watch store”, it is better to choose “sports watch store in Braga”.

Brand keywords

Another SEO (basic) tip that you cannot forget is to use branded keywords. It is certain that using this type of keywords will not generate as much traffic as generic keywords as they are less popular but you cannot neglect your website’s positioning when searching for these keywords.

If someone does a search for your brand and they don’t appear first, they are obviously losing out to the competition and you certainly don’t want that.

Keep track of keywords

A simple technique you can use is to create alerts for some keywords that you may consider important, this allows you to be informed whenever a blog publishes an article that may be relevant to you.

Here is a list of tools you can use:

Friendly URL

To finish off SEO tips, the URL addresses of pages or articles on your website should be user friendly. By this we mean that your URL must contain suggestive words/phrases about the content of that page or article.

Unfriendly article example: http://blog.da.rua/arquivo.asp?id=121#ref=44fd

Friendly article example:

IMPORTANT: Always include the keyword you are using in the URL!

These are some basic SEO tips that you can start putting into practice.