Want to know some SEO tricks? Well, the results of a well-planned SEO strategy usually occur in the medium to long term. But you don’t always have that much time to wait right? So with the help of Rock Content, we’ve brought you some tricks to speed up indexing and for Google to crawl your content.

Search engine optimization usually takes some time until the first results appear. It takes some patience to see content appear and rise in Google’s ranking, and when it does, it can be long lasting.

Well, let’s get to the tricks!

1- Submit sitemap to Google

One of the main SEO tricks, but which is nothing new, is submitting the sitemap to Google. Sitemap is a file that contains all pages and documents on a website.
Thus, the robot identifies which path to follow and which pages are the most important

Submitting the sitemap is very important especially for new websites, very large, without external links or with isolated pages. By doing this you are ensuring that the robot passes through all of your contents.

To send a sitemap to Google you can for example use the tool -> Google Search Console.

2- Create internal links on important pages on your site

Another SEO trick is to create internal links on important pages, which increase the chances of the robot going through these same pages.
In addition, it more easily identifies that there is new content on the site and that it is likely to be relevant since it is cited on an important page.

A tip for this to happen is to always publish blog updates on the home page. Another good idea you can adopt is, whenever you publish a new page, cite old articles from your blog.

3- Don’t forget to share content on social media

By sharing the content that you publish on your website on social networks it will start to generate traffic to the page and show Google that that link exists.
But let’s clarify some points

Social signals (likes, shares, comments) are not one of Google’s ranking factors.
Social media links are marked as “nofollow”, meaning they are not followed by the robot and do not influence your website’s rank.

But by sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc, they increase the chances of them being known, accessed and mentioned on other websites and social networks.

Here are 3 small SEO tricks you can use on your website.