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The age of video consumption. How to take advantage of video and grow your business?

Video consumption continues to grow more and more all over the world, it is the central element of the actions and commitment of many brands in the market, becoming the form that most involves online digital content, be it on a social network platform or on a youtube channel. However, social networks tend to be more used – Instagram Stories and Reels, as well as Tik Tok, are the platforms most used by the public because they respond more to fast-consuming content.


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Mobile Marketing, the greatest communication strategy

The world has become increasingly digital and companies need to rethink and adapt their communication strategy for mobile devices, for three simple reasons:

  • A colossal increase in mobile internet access, we now use 8x more mobile devices in the last decade in Portugal;
  • 66% choose the smartphone to access the internet, it has become the most appreciated platform for mobile access by the Portuguese;
  • more than seven million Portuguese people actively use smartphones.

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